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Service & Support

competitive edge
•  Experienced R&D Department 
•  OEM Capability 
•  Production Capacity
•  Large Product Line 
•  Reliability 
•  Reputation 
•  Buyer's Specifications Accepted
Production description
We operate factories in Dongguan, China. Staffed by 380 employees, our 
18,500-square-meter of workspace is outfitted with automated production
lines, injection machines, stamping machines, press machines, coating 
equipment and advanced testing devices. Our monthly capacity is 500,000 units.
Export / Import Support
Dongguan Silon Electronics is committed to delivering quality service, 
especially with regards to questions about exporting products to your 
location. Contact us today.
Our professional staff and state of the art equipment allow us to have the 
capability to design and manufacture a wide range of new items according to 
the buyer's requirements. 
Our ability to provide buyer labels and design services for our clients make
us an attractive choice.
Quality management
Quality control personnel who are all experts in their respective product 
assignments check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming 
raw materials to the finished product.
We have a complete production chain from raw materials to finished products, 
efficient control of product quality.
Sample application
We will provide free samples of products upon customer's request. To 
help us decide favorably on sample requests, we ask interested customers 
to send comprehensive buyer information for our review. 
All sample shipments will be either by air or by sea, with taxes and
shipping costs paid by the customer.
research and development
Dongguan Silon Electronics Industries is backed by a strong R&D team, which 
is composed of creative and motivated professionals. 
Our experienced R&D department, provides new product designs by manipulating
science and research functions to better serve our clients and promote our 
After-sale service
Our customer service personnel are experienced product specialists who 
can answer your questions 7 days a week from 9am to 5am. Contact us today
Major export markets
•  Eastern Europe 
•  North America 
•  Mid East/Africa 
•  Central/South America 
•  Asia 
•  Western Europe 
•  Australasia
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